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I have been working with computers for over 30 years and have hardly ever been without one. I have wide range of experience with operating systems from the entire Microsoft range, Mac OS 7.6 to OSX, and Linux, Redhat/CentOS and Ubuntu. I enjoy working with a range of hardware, software and programming languages.

Before returning to Canada in 2012, I was working for an Electronics company writing software for their hardware as well as managing their internal network.

While I was at Vicomsoft I was dealing with a wide range of LAN/WAN networks with as many as 2000 users, to as little as 2 users. Vicomsoft main product is a software TCP/IP router with NAT (Network Address Translation) and other firewall properties. I was also given the opportunity to manage the Vicomsoft booth at MacWorld 2000, and also assist with the training of new support engineers in Denver.


The majority of my working career I have been utilized in the roll of supporting and assisting people, companies or resolving problems. I enjoy the feeling of helping someone to learn or resolve a problem, it is a rewarding feeling to know you have helped someone.

My career is driven by learning new things, and solving problems quickly or coming up with workarounds so problems can be solved. I maintain a wide range of systems at home to help keep me up to date and current.

I know that I would be a great asset to any company, as I am a fast learner and enjoy any challenge.

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